Training Philosophy

Sports. Longevity. Strength.

Hi, I'm Shawna! I became a nationally certified personal trainer over a decade ago, and every day I'm grateful to be able to share my passion for sports, strength, and the joy of achieving personal goals.

My professional approach to fitness was shaped by my personal struggle with injury and chronic pain. Early in my career, this experience sparked a passion for training methods that produce strength and performance gains while supporting long-term joint health and longevity. 

Strength training allows us to play harder and enjoy the activities we love, free of pain. I can't imagine a life without the joy of fitness and pushing the limits of my body. I aim to help my clients feel that as well, with training that starts with healthy movement and strength.​

I'm dedicated to helping athletes at any level discover that strength training can be simple, powerful, and confidently pursued.  It can be difficult finding an effective method to achieve your best performance, health, and fitness - helping you get there is my primary goal and privilege.



Training Sessions


Personal Training

Train 1-on-1 or with a Buddy

One-on-one personal training sessions customized to your goals are the most efficient way to train. Expect your movement, skills, and strength to improve using a variety of exciting modalities including weight lifting, interval training, powerlifting, kettlebells, and calisthenics.

Per session (1h) $50

Co-training (2 ppl) $35 ea. 

Group Fitness

Train with your Crew

Try a class and let the group motivate you and keep you on track! Barbell strength, practical calisthenic strength, or a high-intensity functional boot camp... discover which class is perfect for you! See class descriptions and sign-up under the 'Group Fitness' tab. *Max 6 participants.

Drop-in (where available) - $17.50 ea. 

Register for 8+ classes/ month - $120 /

$15 ea.

Outdoor Group Training

Train Under the Sun

When weather permits, outdoor group classes will be scheduled. These 'boot-camp' style sessions focus on balanced, total body strength-endurance and will leave you sweaty, breathless, and strong!

$15 ea. participant / session

Class pass  (access all classes) $100/ month


Group Fitness Classes

Sign up for an available drop-in class by clicking HERE

Drop-in rate is $17.50 ea.

Register for 8-class pack - $120/ $15 ea.

To register please contact:


Build & Burn

Get stronger and add lean muscle to your entire body in this challenging, strength-endurance workout. You'll use a barbell, weights, and calisthenics and follow a series of traditional weightlifting exercises you can use to advance your skills. The pace and high-rep effect of this class are sure to have you sweating and feeling the 'burn', long after the workout is done!

Flex & Flow

Gentle yet challenging, this calisthenic-based class is suitable for all levels of athlete. You'll focus on using your body weight and bands as resistance while you perform functional exercises for the entire body. Special attention will be paid to important and often neglected areas of training that help keep your joints healthy; hips, shoulders, and core.


Get the benefit of working with a coach in a fun and motivational group setting. Participants will complete a tough and balanced workout using different combinations of weightlifting and high-intensity intervals each week to improve athletic aspects including strength, endurance, power, balance, and coordination.

Outdoor Training

*Currently unavailable - for more information please check in at a later date, contact me, or follow on Facebook for updates by clicking HERE.


For years I have trained as an ultra distance cyclist. As with many endurance athletes, my body became very specialized to my sport. As a result, significant limitations had developed that made other activities very difficult. Shawna helped show me a better way to utilize my entire body more effectively. In a very short period of time, the results were amazing! With her help I have safely and successfully added other sports such as rock climbing and downhill skiing to my life. Thanks Shawna!

Trevor, Toronto ON


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